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Hello, World!

This is a nice big banner to try and get your attention because I have an announcement to make...soon. Don't worry, it will be posted on social media so you don't miss it, but if you are visiting the website, I wanted to make sure you know about it beforehand.

I don't know when this announcement will be made, only that it will be soon. Probably just as soon as I get my thoughts organized and can write a nice, thoughtful blog post. Don't worry. It's not anything bad. I'm not going to stop writing. I'm not going to leave you hanging in the middle of a series. But it is of a more serious nature.

Thank you for reading. Be patient. The announcement will come.

(If you want a hint, look down there in the corner, in the "Follow Me" section. Tell me if you see anything different.)


Welcome to the website for Brooke Shaffer, author of The Timekeeper Chronicles.  This is where you can do a quick meet-and-greet of the author and see what's new and what's coming soon.

If you're looking for the Timekeeper website, click here.



Free Time (Book 5 of TCW) released

In the Hands of the Enemy (Book 1 of THOT) released H/E/A

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