The Lone Wolf

#1 Wolf Pack

For Aniyvwiya brothers Kiyuga and Anagalisgi, change and turmoil is all they have ever known.  With their parents taken from them at an early age, they are raised by their grandmother in a culture facing threats from all sides as the white-skinned men war for dominance over land they claim as their own.

Kiyuga's destiny lies in the path of the warrior, going to battle to protect his people and providing meat for his family.  Anagalisgi, however, travels a different road, one of priest, prophet, and dreamer, though he only ever manages to conjure up bad omens.

Together, the warrior and the dreamer must help their people defy slavery and extinction.  And when a couple of new conjurers show up in town wielding unspeakable sorceries, they must decide whether it is their people's saving grace...or certain death.

#2 Alpha Wolf

After the death of his American father, Ola Achukma finds himself leaving home with his Chahta mother, forced along by soldiers on a cold, unforgiving march west with little food, sparse clothing, and thin blankets. Everyone says that it's for the best, that things will be better once they get to wherever they're supposed to go, but it's small comfort when he watches the people around him collapse and die.
Born and raised in Aktiya Waya, Nendawagan and her people live a life of plenty and prosperity, with powerful and eloquent sorceries seeing to most every need. Her father, Yvgidahi, is the skiagvsta, meaning she also has an in on the politics. One might expect that living so richly means the many peoples of Aktiya Waya get along in peace and harmony, but this is far from the truth as wave after wave of refugees from the Old Land bring hate and despair as readily as women and children.
A chance encounter on the Trail will set in motion a chain of events that go beyond the Old Land, Aktiya Waya, even all of Earth and Hlohi.

#3 Lone Wolf

Years ago, the Aniyvwiya ignored and shunned the prophet Anagalisgi. Now, still recovering from the War of the Old Land, the Krydik are determined not to do the same to the prophet Sabelu.

This proves to be a challenge for both people and prophet as Sabelu's prophecies go beyond simple divination and telling them when to plant corn. He knows the people, perhaps too well. He sees their thoughts, hopes, dreams, past and future. He sees White animals as well as frightening beings of smoke and shadow. Worse, he sees them take control of the people and the priests. These Shadow beings have no intent of giving up their hosts and are instead committed to destroying the people, starting with anyone who tries to oppose them.

As darkness gathers over the Krydik, Sabelu's eyes are opened to a greater war that lies just beyond the fabric of reality, and mortals are the prize to be won. Or destroyed.