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Book Giveaway Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the official page for the Book Giveaway Scavenger Hunt!

When It's Happening

Start: September 28, 2020
End: November 13, 2020

What's At Stake

3 Physical Books
7 Ebooks

Winner's choice of any currently published book (in current formats) or the next upcoming book (in this case, In the Hands of the Enemy, Hardcover/Ebook or Free Time, Softcover)

Who Can Participate

Physical Books - Anyone currently living in the United States or Canada
Ebooks - Anyone in the world

How Can You Get In On The Action?

You know, a lot of places that do extended giveaways typically make you like the social media pages, comment on a post, and share X number of times.  I find this personally tedious and annoying, as far as trying to get free stuff goes.  Although, you are welcome to share this giveaway with anyone you think might enjoy a free book (will not increase your chances of winning).

Instead, we're going to do a scavenger hunt.  I will post a clue either on Sunday or Monday and you will message/email me your guess.


  1. Weeks run from Sunday to Saturday.
  2. Entries may only be submitted for the current week.  Entries for previous weeks will be ignored.
  3. Entries may only be submitted once for the current week and answers are final.
  4. Those with the most correct answers at the end of the hunt are eligible for the giveaway drawing.
  5. The drawing is done by lottery.  You're free to send me all the money you want as a bribe, but it won't help your chances and I keep the money.
  6. Participants who repeatedly submit multiple entries for a week will be barred from the drawing.

And that's it.  Nice and simple, I think.

Now then, for those of you who are brand new to The Timekeeper Chronicles and have no idea what's going on, fear not.  The scavenger hunt will be nothing that you cannot handle.

What's Included in the Scavenger Hunt

The Author Website (the one you're on right now)

  • Anything on the Home Page
  • Anything on the About Page
  • Anything on the FAQ Page
  • Anything in the Library, including
    • Individual Book Pages, including
      • Book descriptions
      • Book FAQs
      • Reading samples
      • Playlists (titles only)
      • Safebooks ratings
      • &c.
    • Goodies, Extras, and Character Profiles

What's Not Included in the Scavenger Hunt

The Timekeeper Chronicles Website (click here)
Blog Posts
Anything Off-Site

  • BitChute videos
  • Youtube links for the playlists
  • Anything to do with the audiobooks
  • Amazon or B&N pages
  • &c.

I'm not here to make things miserable for you, but it is still a scavenger hunt.

Because of the nature of the rules, one answer per clue, one clue per week, I'm going to be generous and do a test run.  This is to ensure that your entries will be found and counted when the real clues start coming.  You are free to answer as many times as you feel is necessary.  The only thing I ask is that when I reply and acknowledge that your entry has been received, you stop submitting.  Also, please be patient for my reply (it's not going to be instantaneous) as I do not have Internet access at home and have to go elsewhere.

How to Submit an Entry

When you think you have the correct answer, you may

  • Email me using the Contact form on the website
  • Message me on social media
    • Messaging is preferred, however, some sites like Minds and Gab don't appear to have messaging capability, so you will have to comment instead
  • Text me if you have my number
  • Send a carrier pigeon
    • If you use a carrier pigeon, that does raise your chances of winning because that would be really awesome

And now, on to the show!

Scavenger Hunt Clues

Week of September 20 - September 26 (test run)


This Chivalrous Welshman character's real name is Owain Fforidd.


Walter Forbes

Week of September 27 - October 3 (closed)


This character was a Marine who was injured from an IED.


Sabelu "Saul" Wolf

Week of October 4 - October 10 (closed)


This is the hangar where Walter and Rifun met to exchange hostages the first time.


Hangar Four

Week of October 11 - October 17 (closed)


Finish the sentence:
"Business up front..."

(Hint: Check the Merch)


"...manipulation of the Space-Time Continuum in the back."

Week of October 18 - October 24


When it comes to favorites in media, I sometimes have an award for my current obsession as well as a longevity award.  As far as RPGs go, this gets the long-lasting award.


Can I win an audiobook?

No.  I don't have the same access to audiobooks as I do the physical books, or ebooks for digital downloads (and the files are huge).  I'm still trying to work out a way to sell/give away physical audiobooks on CD, but the decline of CD use makes this dubious at best.

Is the next upcoming book going to be an ARC (advanced reading copy)?

No, it will be the final published version.