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10 Facts About Windup

With the release of Windup as an audiobook, I decided it would be cool to showcase some interesting trivia about it, be it story or production.

  1. Windup was released the same year as Tick Tock, primarily because I really wanted to kickstart the series and get it going, and so I could release Of Saints and Sinners in good time.
  2. I did not have all the names and titles of the Hands prepared until Tommen went to his exam, and even then, I fudged it a little until I could come up with all fifty-one of them.
  3. When Rifun visits Tommen in the waiting room before the third test, it is the real Rifun.
  4. The Bat's appearance is based off of Lord Darigan.  If you know who that is, you're awesome.
  5. The Day is based off of a weird dream I had once about a giraffe that, instead of having regular spots, had spots like the eye of a peacock feather, and it evolved from there.
  6. The idea of Tommen having a love interest in the series was a bit of a blanch for me.  I didn't want it to be soppy and messy, but I didn't want to give him a female Time Agent counterpart because Kayla was already going to fill that role.  At the same time, having him remain a total bachelor would either be depressing or unrealistic, given the nature of high school.  When it came time to make the decision, Becky's plotline practically wrote itself from the minute she first made an appearance.
  7. All ski run names and descriptions were taken from the ski map of the time as well as personal experience.
  8. The terrain park, while real, was specifically fictionalized, what I think a cool terrain park might look like.
  9. The ski patrollers were all 100% based on my coworkers from the particular year that I was writing the chapter.  Doug only worked the one season, but the rest remain.  Tom is the supervisor, Ian is a Yeti, and Butch loves his man bun.
  10. Kyle was a last-minute addition, added because of his needed role in Stopwatch.

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