The Notebook

Okay, I guess it’s time for a massive update. Then I can use Thanksgiving and Christmas as excuses to not do this again for the rest of the year. Muahahaha.


First and foremost, Chasing the White Bear is coming out December 2. Huzzah! This is a single novel that tells the story of Kayla, whose true name is Akłaq, following her all over North America over a period of just under 150 years. Like the other single, Of Saints and Sinners, Chasing the White Bear is focused more on the specific character rather than the overarching events of TKC. Is Time and the Akari involved? Yes. Is the Akarin involved? To a limited extent. Can it feed into the overall narrative? Yes. Can it be read independently? I’d like to think so, though this one may be a teeny bit more dependent on the larger chronicles than Saints.


Regrettably, I’ve also had to institute a price increase. It will retail for 28.99USD. My hope is that this will cover material inflation for the next several books, if not several years. I have not had to increase prices retroactively yet, but that could change in the future *blanch*. Obviously, I have no control over shipping costs. If I did, we wouldn’t be in such a predicament. The ebooks, however, remain at 4.99 regardless of your currency.


I’m still (lazily) working on implementing GabPay. Somehow. As I mentioned, lazily. I might take my store down entirely so I can be rid of PayPal. We’ll see.


Next, more exciting news. In two parts! First is the official announcement that I made a card game for my books! Yay! You can find it on The Game Crafter, called The Universe is Black & White. Is it very easy to learn, but there is a fair amount of strategy involved. The premise is simple: pick a faction, draw your cards, equip your Battlers, roll your dice, BRAWL. If you read my books, you are going to have a ton of fun roleplaying as your favorite characters. Even if you haven’t read the books (some of the playtesters hadn’t, though they admitted that they became intrigued), you’re still going to have a blast.


But even more than that, there are expansions to be had. The base game covers The Chivalrous Welshman through Book Five, meaning you get to use all the fancy maneuvers and weapons that Micaiah did during the Zero Hour Revolution. HOWEVER, each expansion covers more of the Chronicles as they are released. The first expansion will be released with Chasing the White Bear, though the expansion also includes people, maneuvers, weapons, and other goodies from Of Saints and Sinners. This is because the single novels are finished. Only two of them. In the spring, when Lone Wolf is released, thus finishing the series by the same name, there will be another expansion, making all of the Krydik playable (including a special die o.o ). Next fall, when The Hands of Time is finished, another expansion. And so on. Try it out, pass the time, dominate the universe, all in good fun.


What about the video game? What about Journey to Aktiya Waya? IT’S SO CLOSE TO THE END (at least it looked like it on Bitchute). Yes. I know. Believe me. I know. I hate leaving projects unfinished, especially ones of this magnitude. I had honestly hoped to already be in a second or third alpha test by now, with plans to open a public beta test with the release of Lone Wolf. Could this still happen? Yes. Here’s how:

1. I need a new computer. My processor is fried. It cannot handle the engine. Some days it doesn’t even like to open my regular word processor. When will this happen? When I feel like spending buku bucks and having to transfer EVERYTHING over. I’m lazy.

2. The engine itself needs some fixes. I try not to harp because there is literally one developer for the entire engine, and what she’s accomplished by herself is amazing, but it is still very frustrating to write or perfect something, only to watch it break with the next engine update.

All of this would have to happen in the next few months. Physically possible, yes, but not high on the priority list at this time.


Let’s see, other relevent news… Nothing I can think of at this time. 2023 is going to be the last year for three book releases in a year. After that, The Chivalrous Welshman will continue to come out in the summer, with another release in the fall/winter. Series pacing, and my sanity, demand it.


I’ve seen a few other writers say that newsletters will reach a better audience than social media. I’m not fully convinced. Newsletters of any form tend to go straight from Newsletters to Trash in my email. Every once in a very great while I’ll open something (usually a birthday coupon), but I never read them. Maybe everyone else does, I don’t know. Maybe it would make things better in my quest to get off social media, get off the internet for frivolous things. Comment your opinion on social media or use my website to Contact me via email, let me know what you think. Would you rather read a newsletter (irregular, maybe a few times a year), follow social media posts (I try not to get political, though I do go off topic to music, movies, video games, etc.), do both, or tell me to stfu and stop existing?


And that’s that. That’s the big news of the day. Chasing the White Bear, The Universe is Black & White, and Journey to Aktiya Waya.


Thanks for stopping by.