The Notebook

Summer in Michigan is beautiful.  It looks beautiful, anyway.  Mostly it's just hot and sticky, and yet I feel immense pride when people from the Gulf Coast complain about the humidity.


Summer also tends to be very busy, and I've spent the last four months feeling like I've been constantly playing catchup.  Alpha Wolf wasn't ready on time, then I had to reformat and re-upload The Hands Pulling the Strings because I uploaded the wrong version which was lacking in page numbers.  That took a lot longer than I think it should have, but all of this is happening as I'm trying to get my garden going and doing those chores, getting the horses trained, having to chase cows a mile down the friggin' road, and other minor catastrophes as they arise (and some major ones).


And in addition to the regular write a book, release a book, I have several smaller projects that I've either had to hurry and finish or push by the wayside.  Thankfully, I've gotten them either finished or close enough that I'm not overly worried about them at the moment, and I hope to share them publicly soon.  Other projects I've had to set aside due to technical difficulties, though some of them are being resolved.

Oh, and I'm working, too, outside of the homestead.

Did I mention that Imminence is set to be release July 1?


And so, as much for my sanity as your curiosity, here is a rundown of where things stand and the likelihood that they will see the light of day any time soon:

Imminence [July 1]: Ahead of schedule, gonna have a (short) preorder season B)
Chasing the White Bear [December 2]: On track
The Hand Holding the Knife [Spring 2023]: Planned out, not started yet, but not worried


Monthly Goodies
Finishing the Character Development series: Undergoing testing for a possible fix on the audio recording; if the quality is good enough, I will try to finish the series
Journey to Aktiya Waya Alpha Test: Writing out the pre-finale so I can try to navigate it in a single shot

Other Projects
Updating the TKC website: Mostly a backburner thing, but the Timeline is now open for viewing
Secret Squirrel Project 1: Hoping to have prototype shipped this week, and if it clears actual handling and testing, I will unleash it upon the unsuspecting public
Secret Squirrel Project 2: Almost complete, deadline is the end of August, but won't know the actual results until September or so
Secret Squirrel Project 3: Conceptual at this point, mostly on the backburner until I can clear up more of these Secret Squirrel projects

And those are just the bare bones electronic projects.  This does not include any of the extra research and digging that I have to do, nor anything I'm doing on the farm or at work.

I actually had a couple spare hours yesterday that I really wanted to chill out and play some video games, get back into my Assassin's Creed ultimate playthrough, but...then I got distracted by other things I needed to do.

Summer is beautiful.  And also very busy. <_>