The Notebook

Welcome one and all to the new website.  It's more exciting for me than you I think, but I thought I would brag about it a little.  It is now hosting by Epik, an American company that, thus far, seems well disposed toward free speech.  Huzzah.


The sad thing is that I have apparently lost all of my posts and series that I had up on the old website.  I will continue to dig for them, but I think they are pretty well gone.  Which is sad.  Some of them are preserved in ButChute videos, but the transcripts are toast.


I am working on the Shop, but I want to make sure that's all spit-shined before I start taking people's money.  People get cranky if things go wrong in that department.  Please be patient and know that I have you in mind.  Also, as a forewarning, if I can get everything all spit-shiend and spic and span, I will be inclined to retract all of my works from the likes of Amazon and other major retailers and instead funnel everything through the Shop.  You have been warned.


Otherwise, Alpha Wolf is on track for a May release, Imminence in July, and Chasing the White Bear in December.


That is all.