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In the Hands of the Enemy - Ebook
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Mississippi, 1730

Kokumbo has only ever known slavery, and he's decided he's had enough.  When he revolts and flees through the British American South and eventually back across the ocean to Africa, seeking both freedom and revenge, he encounters a group of former slaves with such power that they could potentially end slavery forever.

Madagascar, 1923

Rivotra finds himself on a chain gang, convicted of treason against the French government, yet hated by his own people and accused of being a traitor.  When an accident leaves him blind and helpless in the world, he meets a man who may hold the key to liberating his occupied nation.

London, 1963

As the paths of the two men converge, they find themselves at the beck and call of destiny, though whether they are destined to be deliverers or destructors remains to be seen.