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Tick Tock - Softcover
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Walter Forbes is dying.  He took three bullets to save his son, but the poison remains, wreaking havoc on his body while he lies in a coma.  Earth-side doctors are helpless, Time-side tricks are useless, and Tommen is repeatedly told to make his peace now.

But Tommen is unwilling to give up without a fight, and he is prepared to go to any lengths to find a cure, even if that means risking slavery to the Borelians and causing a civil war within the Time industry.

As he treads dangerous waters, a message arrives: there is a cure for Walter's ailment, but the journey is perilous, easily a one-way street if he missteps in any way.  Even if he does survive long enough to get the cure back to his dad, he risks losing his Apprenticeship, or worse, charges of treason, the punishment for which is having his clock broken, a fate worse than death.

Meanwhile, political gears are grinding as the elections heat up, and at least one person has his eyes on a much bigger prize than just the Zero Hour.