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Windup - Hardcover
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Civil war looms in the Wheel, hanging over the heads of the voters as everyone wonders whether the Time industry is heading toward another Dispersal.  With rumors of a False Zero Hour taking center stage ahead of Voting Day, everyone is on high alert.

Few understand this better than Tommen as he prepares to go before the Hands for his Apprentice review, knowing that Rifun may be all that stands between him and the vengeful Grandfathers.

Even Walter is under heavy scrutiny from all sides as both Time-side and Earth-side justice try to prove some sort of collaboration.  As he struggles to recover from the Borelian poison, threats are made, and a very personal Voting Day hit list promises to make the elections a very bloody affair.  Walter knows he will need his wits about him to survive and fend off further attacks, but not all assaults are external, and past demons come roaring back to life.

Everyone is a target and no one is safe as Rifun and Cassius prepare to make their move in what could be the most brilliant and yet deadliest political heist in living memory for the Time industry.