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Wolf Pack - Ebook
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For Aniyvwiya brothers Kiyuga and Anagalisgi, change and turmoil is all they have ever known.  With their parents taken from them at an early age, they are raised by their grandmother in a culture facing threats from all sides as the white-skinned men war for dominance over land they claim as their own.

Kiyuga's destiny lies in the path of the warrior, going to battle to protect his people and providing meat for his family.  Anagalisgi, however, travels a different road, one of priest, prophet, and dreamer, though he only ever manages to conjure up bad omens.

Together, the warrior and the dreamer must help their people defy slavery and extinction.  And when a couple of new conjurers show up in town wielding unspeakable sorceries, they must decide whether it is their people's saving grace...or certain death.