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Blog posts February 2020

Villains and Antagonists: Pure Evil and Tragic Villains

Welcome back to the series on villains. We're going through the list of villain motifs. These are ones that I have observed, and I would like to take the time to explore them, define them, and give examples of the craft. This episode is on Pure Evil villains, as well as Tragic villains. I'm doing th…

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Villains and Antagonists: Defining a Villain

In this series, we're going to be discussing villains and antagonists (as the title says). I wasn't going to do this, I wasn't planning it. I was going to wait a bit and start on 10 Fun Facts as they pertained to upcoming Free Time, maybe do a few about Time to Kill since audiobook production is a…

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Shaking Things Up

A new year, a new way of doing things.  As an expansion of my advertising and marketing, I am turning my blog posts into videos.  Nothing will change here, but if you head over to BitChute, you can find silly animations and such to go with them.  I'm not doing any back-animation, just the ones going…

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