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10 Facts About Windup

With the release of Windup as an audiobook, I decided it would be cool to showcase some interesting trivia about it, be it story or production.

  1. Windup was released the same year as Tick Tock, primarily because I really wanted to kickstart the series and get it going, and so I could release O…

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10 Facts About Tick Tock

With the release of Tick Tock as an audiobook, I thought it would be fun and exciting to let you in on a few interesting tidbits, facts, and secrets about the book, from the story itself to some of the production behind it.

  1. Tommen's petition was not in the original plans.  He and Sifura were…

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World Building: Social Life 2

Welcome back to the series on World Building. Today is part two of Social Life. In part one, we covered childhood, how your people, be they human or alien, come into existence, how they learn and interact with their society, and how they become adults.

Today we’re going to talk about adulthood, t…

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Some Thoughts Floating Around

If you don't know that the world has changed in the last year, I would very much like to join you under your rock.

For the rest, these are a few thoughts that have been floating around my head lately.

The Chivalrous Welshman was originally set to be sixteen books.  Then it got shortened to fif…

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World Building: Social Life 1

Welcome back to the series on World Building. Today we’re going to talk about Social Life. This will be the first of three installments.

This first installment is going to deal with birth through adulthood, how your people—be they humanoid or alien—grow up, how they are shaped in and by their w…

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